Saovang security company is one of the few reputable security companies in security market of Vietphái nam and has gained a lots of trust from customers.

We are rendering high quality service based on advanced equipment and giải pháp công nghệ operated by competent and experienced staffs

With công nghệ, we can control & then prsự kiện the night-sleep status of security officers

Additionally, IP cameras are used to monitor security officers khổng lồ be strict compliance with the security regulation. Other equipment is regularly used as alarming, electronic fence, inspection control machine.

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IP.. Camera

Guard tour system

Infrared fence

Meta detector
Security Services
1 Fixed targets protection

Protecting factories, warehouses, construction sites và yards

Protecting hotels, supermarkets, offices, urban areas, schools và homes

Protecting banks & embassies

Protecting event

2 Mobile targets protection

Escort protection: to protect individuals and organizations

Transportation protection: khổng lồ protect on-moving money, vouchers and valuable assets

3 Other services

24/7 Sao Vang Tact Teams lớn provide fast reaction for emergency cases

điện thoại patrol and night checking services

Consultancy services for security related works

CCTV system installation services

Our clients (View all)

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Viettel supermarket system (70 ones) located around 32 Northern and Central provinces
FUJIKIN plan at VSIPhường Bac Ninch
Citymart Trade Center
Gr& Plaza
Project to exp& Dung Quat oil refinery
Ecopark (500 ha)
The real estate projects of Viglacera
Tan Vu Bridge Project - Lach Huyen - Hai Phong
Nhat Tan Bridge Project - Sumitomo Mitsui nhật bản Company

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