Schaumburg, IL – JX Nippon Oil & Energy USA Inc. (JX) is happy to announce its new trang web for the North American market. The redesigned site places more focus on the consumer-focused brvà và products, as well as incorporating the SUSTINA High Performance Motor Oil products alongside the traditional Fully Synthetic Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid và Gear Oil products.

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One exciting new feature of the site is the Where lớn Buy page, featuring a proximity-based bản đồ & corresponding danh sách of retailers who stochồng products throughout the North American region, including the US, Canadomain authority and Caribbean. In addition lớn locating where to purchase products, customers can also quickly identify the best product match for their vehicle by using the product tìm kiếm tool, conveniently located on the home page, as well as all hàng hóa pages.


The Where to Buy page provides a proximity-based danh sách of stores which carry products

Although the new trang web continues khổng lồ feature JX sponsorship information, such as partnerships with Racing and now the Boston Red Sox, these relationships feature richer representation using descriptive sầu imagery, chronicled using cross-navigation between Media (imagery & videos), News (up-to-date announcements about và its partners), and the Racing section. All partner information is filtered và organized by type of partnership: NASCAR, Global Rallycross, MotoGPhường, & Super GT, as well as by date/location, driver, và race. This provides easier and more meaningful access to lớn nội dung, such as current and historical partner information, race results and imagery.Other planned website nội dung will include regular information and updates about “People,” who are employees or users of products; updates about the company and its products; và more features about the sponsorship partners. The Where to lớn Buy section will be expanded to include more details about retail locations, including tương tác info và store hours.The new site is also responsive, providing the same information và interactions for thiết bị di động & desktop users in a format customized for the screen width, & the mobile view is optimized to lớn respond lớn finger swipe & tap interactions. In conjunction with the new site, several videos were also produced explaining the technology và the products’ chất lượng properties, which are found through the site.The site was developed in conjunction with White Horse Productions, a User Experience (UX) led website development agency based in Portlvà, OR. 

The Brand: is the br& name for premium synthetic oil products manufactured and sold by JX Nippon Oil và Energy Corp., the largest oil company in nhật bản. products are the highest chất lượng automotive sầu lubricants available in the marketplace today. These products are on the cutting edge of base oil và additive sầu technologies, the result of joint engineering và research with all of the Japanese automotive sầu manufacturers. lubricants provide exceptional performance, power và protection for a wide variety of applications including race cars, motorcycles & street automobiles. View more about và JX Nippon Oil và Energy.

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About Products:

Products made by include high-unique synthetic motor oils, transmission fluids, & gear oil. View more about Products.Our products are carried throughout North America, including many NAPA Aukhổng lồ Parts stores. View Where to Buy our products to lớn find a retail location near you. 

About Racing:

Beginning in 2000, began formulating, supplying and sponsoring Honda’s Formula 1 racing team. In addition lớn its products being used in numerous racing series, currently sponsors racing teams in series across the globe. Sponsored teams include: Rookie of the Year (2012, 2013, 2014) Kyle Larson (with CPU Ganasmê mẩn Racing) for NASCAR’s Xfinity Series, three-time U.S. Rallycross champion Tanner Foust in Global Rallycross, Lexus Team LeMans in Super GT; the Yamaha Factory Racing team in Moto GP, và Akinori Ogata in NASCAR’s K&N Pro Series East & NASCAR Camping World Traông chồng Series. View more information about Racing. 

About JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation:

JX Nippon Oil và Energy Corporation is a fully integrated petroleum products company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. JX offers petroleum products & services throughout the world. Through partnerships with world class customers, JX produces technologically advanced motor oils and transmission fluids that reduce carbon emissions, improve fuel economy và reduce wear on critical components. For more information please visit