Whether you’re just ducking in for a coffee or leaving your xe đạp out all day, there’s a loông chồng khổng lồ help keep your rig safe.


In five minutes time, you can order a coffee, check your email, politely glance at the other café-goers, receive sầu said coffee, và return lớn where you left your unlocked xe đạp, which was stolen four minutes ago. Shouldn’t have sầu asked for an extra shot, but hindsight is 20/20 and now your prized bicycle is listed on a neighboring city’s Craigsdanh mục for pennies of what you paid. The FBI reported 131,777 xe đạp thefts in 2018, although the real number is likely higher because many property crimes go unreported. An Oregonian analysis of 13,000 Portl& bicycle thefts found that only 2 percent of reports ended in arrests, which means your bike is probably gone for good.





The good news is bike thieves are criminals of opportunity, so you can decrease your risk by locking up more intelligently than the next cycdanh mục. Let’s run through the pros & cons of each genre lớn help you piông chồng the best lochồng for your situation.

Four Types of Locks

A thief with the right tools can defeat any bike loông xã in five sầu minutes, but that doesn’t mean all locks are created equal: The crook will raise hell cutting through a hardened-steel U-lochồng or chain with an angle grinder, so he or she is more likely to go after a cheaper, lightweight cable lochồng with a set of bolt cutters. To decide how much security you need, consider your location và duration of lockup.

Best U-LocksBest Folding LocksBest Chain LocksBest Lightweight Locks

All-day lockups on college campuses và in major metro areas where thefts are comtháng require more security, says Kryptonite brand manager Daryl Slater, and anything left out overnight necessitates paranoia-level countermeasures (using multiple locks that can’t be defeated by the same bolt cutters is a good start). Here’s how the basic lochồng types differ, in order of most to least secure.

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Can My Loông xã Be Picked?

Just lượt thích all bike locks are eventually susceptible to lớn cutting attacks, all bike locks can also be picked. But most modern locks can’t be defeated by amateurs, says competitive loông chồng picker Schuyler Towne. Disc detainer locks, which use a series of rotating discs, are considered the most difficult to lớn piông xã. Slider locks, like those from OnGuard, have sầu keys with laser-cut slots and flat sides và can provide high security. “The more cuts on the key, the more secure it is,” Towne says of slider locks.

Bike locks may have sầu different locking mechanisms, but most use a similar basic construction to the pin tumbler loông xã (above). The key goes into lớn a plug that sits within a cylinder, & a series of pins, wafers, discs, or sliders prsự kiện the plug from turning without a key.
In a pin tumbler loông chồng, a series of spring-loaded pins prsự kiện the plug from turning. Inserting a key, or picking the loông chồng, lifts the tumblers to lớn clear the shear line—where the plug meets the cylinder—& opens the loông xã.

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Pin-tumbler locks are a classic thiết kế that can sometimes be foiled by brute force attacks, although others require more skill. And wafer locks are considered the least secure—more vulnerable to entry-màn chơi picking—but individual wafer locks may prove sầu more secure than others. Find a detailed description of each type of locking mechanism at the bottom of this guide.

Using Your Lock

Once you’ve bought a loông chồng, you have lớn put it lớn work. “Make sure you loông chồng according lớn value,” Slater says. “The frame (being most expensive), the rear wheel, then the front wheel.” Unlocked frames và wheels will likely be stolen eventually, so your best bet is locking both wheels lớn the frame with a chain or cable lock (or another U-loông xã, in high-risk areas). Ayên for well-lit places & never leave a lock against the ground, as thieves might get the necessary leverage to pry it open. Make sure your bike can’t be lifted up and over a poll or tree. Slater says he’s encountered victims whose bikes were locked khổng lồ street signs, over which a bike can easily be hoisted, or small trees, which were promptly cut down. As a general rule, the thing you’re locking lớn should be stronger than your lochồng. Lastly, take down your bike’s serial number (under the bottom bracket) & register it with your local police department in case the worst happens.

How We Chose

Every loông xã here has been thoroughly evaluated & vetted by our team of chạy thử editors. We retìm kiếm the market, survey user nhận xét, speak with product managers and engineers, & use our own experience with these locks to determine the best options. We’ve sầu used these locks, weighed them, & evaluated their mechanisms. We’ve cut a few in individual tests, & we’ll update this guide with full destructive testing as soon as we can return to lớn our office. For now, we’ve sầu researched testing and picking conducted by outlets lượt thích Wirecutter và Bike Radar & experts lượt thích LockPickingLawyer to lớn identify the best locks in each category.

We ruined the blade of our hacksaw before we made a dent in the Hiplok DX. Ultimately, we cut the shackle with a five-inch DeWalternative text cordless angle grinder in about 30 seconds. In a different kiểm tra, a Kryptonite New York loông chồng withstood about 40 seconds of cutting. (Both locks require two cuts lớn open the shackle.)
Now that you’re lochồng literate, check out these 17 options for securing your bike và shackling down some peace of mind.


Kryptonite New York

Weight: 4 lb. | Frame mount? Yes | Locking mechanism: Disc detainer