Seeking retribution for his mother's untimely death, a gangster-turned-lawyer exploits loopholes to lớn bring down those in absolute power.

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Ha Jae-i returns home lớn her father, who's got loan sharks banging on his door. Bong Sang-pil takes over his mother's old office space.


Jae-i joins Sang-pil's firm as a paralegal, & wonders why he seems so intent on taking on a case involving a detective accused of killing the mayor.


Sang-pil provokes Cha Mun-suk with the intention of getting himself locked up. Jae-i sets out to secure a witness who can confirm their client's alibi.


Sang-pil swipes a cellphone from the true culprit behind the mayor's death. The court refuses lớn accept a critical Clip as evidence for the defense.

Jae-i struggles to accept that everything she knows about Mun-suk may be a lie. In court, Sang-pil draws out an explosive confession from a witness.

Learning the sad truth about her mother helps Jae-i underst& Sang-pil's motivations. The final hearing of Woo Hyeong-man's trial delivers surprises.

The thành phố welcomes a new mayor. Hyeong-man leaves Sang-pil và Jae-i with leads to aid them as they phối out to expose An O-ju's corruption.

Jae-i's suspension gets lifted, but she faces disapproval from her father. Choi Dae-ung hears that someone who's been missing is baông chồng in town.

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With Sang-pil arrested và framed for murder, Jae-i commits herself to lớn proving his innocence. Behind bars, a deadly threat comes after Sang-pil.

Irreparable cracks khung between Mun-suk & O-ju. Jae-i's father goes lớn Mun-suk's residence lớn photograph her.

An unlikely figure testifies in Sang-pil's defense. Sang-pil và his team turn their focus onkhổng lồ Mun-suk, who's got her eye on a powerful seat.

Using a dangerous situation to lớn her advantage allows Mun-suk to step even closer lớn her ambitions. O-ju reacts poorly lớn infuriating news.

Mun-suk's true plot và the origins of the notebook come khổng lồ the surface. Jae-i demands answers as to lớn her mother's whereabouts.

Sang-pil goes after Mun-suk by appealing lớn someone whose loyalty to her wavers. On the run, O-ju issues a threat.

After being shown the notebook, O-ju is asked khổng lồ make a decision. Mun-suk takes over as the judge of a trial for a member of her inner circle.

Sang-pil & Jae-i make final preparations for their trial. In a decisive sầu moment, O-ju enters the courtroom and takes the st&.

Lee Joon-giSeo Yea-jiLee Hye-yeongChoi Min-sooPark Ho-sanLee Han-wiYeom Hye-ranKim Kwang-gyooBack Joo-heeChoi Dae-hoonAn Nae-sang