Ash & his Pikachu travel lớn the Alola region with his mother và enroll in the Pokémon school, where they confront the nefarious Team Skull.

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During their Alolan vacation, Ash, Pikachu và Ash's mother encounter new Pokémon and deliver a Pokémon egg from Professor Oak to lớn the Pokémon School.


Ash và Pikachu start classes at the Pokétháng School with Professor Kukui và their new classmates, who are impressed by Ash's Z-Ring.


Team Rocket arrives in Alola. Professor Kukui gives Ash a Rotom Pokédex that can speak và interact with humans, and Ash heads out lớn catch Pokétháng.


Ash và Pikachu's failure to capture a wild Alolan Pokémon results in a visit khổng lồ the Pokémon Center. Team Rocket meets a Mimikyu & a Bewear.

The class takes an ocean field trip to help the water Pokétháng train, và Popplio practices blowing bubbles. Team Rocket heads to the beach too.

Alone in the house for the day, Ash & his Pokétháng friends struggle with domestic tasks, including laundry, cooking and grocery shopping.

Ash meets a wild Litten on the way khổng lồ school; it takes advantage of his kindness by stealing his lunch and running away, & he decides to catch it.

The class receives a Pokétháng egg to lớn care for as an assignment, and Lillie agrees to lớn take care of the egg to lớn get over her fear of handling Pokétháng.

Hala, the kahuna of Melemele Island, gives Ash his first Island Trials task: solve an infestation of Raticate và Rattata peacefully.

Ash prepares for his first Islvà Trial, in which he must defeat Hala, who's skilled with fighting-type Pokémon và who also has his own Z-Moves.

Ash and Pikachu visit Kiawe's family dairy farm on Akala Isl&, where there are lots of Pokémon & lots of chores lớn help with.

Ash và his classmates go on a field trip khổng lồ the ocean. Little vì chưng they know that Team Rocket is there too, hunting for more Pokétháng.

Ash decides to lớn enter the Great Alola Pancake Race along with Pikachu. They're up against last year's champion và her Alolan Raichu.

The two Pokémon eggs hatch into lớn Vulpixes: Lillie's is an Alolan type that she names Snowy. She & her Pokétháng now have to lớn get to know one another.

When Ash & Professor Kukui notice Rockruff coming home injured, they install surveillance cameras -- và learn that Rockruff is training in secret!

Lana's Popplio and Ash's Rowlet are blown away in one of Popplio's balloons. While Ash and Lana tìm kiếm for them, they fall straight inlớn Team Rocket!

When Ash loses his Z Crystal, Rotom takes the chance to imitate the detective sầu on his favorite TV show, with Pikachu assisting him on the case.

Ash helps Mallow tìm kiếm for a legendary ingredient so she can recreate a traditional Alolan recipe, but Team Rocket is also on the prowl.

Ash realizes that he may be facing Tapu Koko in a rematch soon, so Sophocles offers to lớn help out with scientific retìm kiếm for his training.

After hearing stories about "Treasure Island" from his friends, Ash sets off khổng lồ explore the island with Pikachu & comes across a mysterious sight.

Ash runs inkhổng lồ Litten & its friover Stoutlvà again on his way trang chủ. When he learns Stoutlvà is ill, Ash takes it to lớn the Pokétháng Center.

Ash spots a strange little shovel moving around by itself during a training session. According lớn Kiawe, touching a Sandygast’s shovel means trouble.

Ash and his friends go khổng lồ a concert starring DJ Leo and his Alolan Dugtrio. Afterwards, they learn that Prof. Kukui & Leo are old friends.

Family Visit Day is approaching at the Pokétháng School. Ash is working hard on a speech for the occasion when his mother & Mr. Mime come to lớn visit.

When Team Rocket spy on Ash and Kiawe demonstrating their Z-moves, they're determined lớn find their own Z-crystals. But Team Skull wants them too!

Sophocles learns his family may be moving away. He's sad about leaving his friends at the Pokémon School, and so is his Togedemaru.

A mysterious trainer with a powerful Lycanroc easily defeats Team Skull, & rumors about hyên spread. Then Lillie reveals that he's her brother!

Ash và his friends are ecstatic when the famous Pokébase player và Pokétháng School graduate 'Olu'olu comes lớn umpire a class game of Pokébase.

Students & Pokétháng take a camping trip together. After they wake up feeling mysteriously drained, they realize there's something in the forest.

Ash và his friends switch Pokétháng for two days for a class assignment. Ash takes Snowy khổng lồ his house while Pikachu goes trang chính with Lillie.

The Akala Islvà Kahumãng cầu Olivia, comes khổng lồ the Pokétháng School. Ash và the rest of the class head to Akala for a practical class under her supervision.

For the first class on Akala, Ash and his friends are paired with Stoutlands for a treasure hunt. Lillie and Lana struggle with their partners.

Ash & Lana go Pokémon-fishing in a lagoon famous for a certain type of Pokémon. Meanwhile, Kiawe takes everyone else to his family's farm.

The students go to lớn the Wela Fire Festival, but before their Pokémon can take turns wearing the Wela Crown, a wild Marowak appears & steals it!

Making traditional Akala curry requires special ingredients. To get everything on their list, Ash và Mallow face wild Pokémon và more.

At long last, Ash battles Olivia in the Akala Isl& Gr& Trial Challenge. Ash's Rowlet and Rockruff face Olivia's Lycanroc và Probopass!

The night of the battle, Rockruff sneaks off và meets the island guardian Tapu Lele. The next day, the whole school searches for hyên.

After Team Rocket loses a battle against Ash và Kiawe, Jessie và Mimikyu land in a shopping mall, but Mimikyu's disguise is damaged.

Feeling unappreciated at her family restaurant, Mallow runs away. While her friends & Team Rocket search for her, she meets an Oranguru.

Lana và Popplio are working on their Z-move sầu, but without much success. When performer Idomain authority & her Brionne visit, Lamãng cầu asks to train with her.

Sophocles asks Ash and Kiawe to lớn join his team in the annual experimental Charjabug oto competition. But Team Rocket also has their eyes on the prize.

When the Pokémon School visits Kanto, Ash reunites with his old friends Misty and Broông chồng and with his old Pokémon! But Team Rocket is baông chồng too.

It's just like old times when Ash and his friends battle Misty and Brochồng at the Cerulean Gym, with Z-moves versus Mega Evolution.

Ash's Alola adventures continue, with the legendary Pokémon Cosmog leading hlặng and his friends lớn the Islvà Guardians, Ultra Space & beyond.

After returning lớn Melemele Isl&, Ash has a strange dream. Then he & his friends find an unknown Pokétháng in the forest, and Lillie's mom visits!

Cosmog goes to lớn school with Ash, where Team Rocket have parked their donut truchồng. They scheme khổng lồ steal Cosmog, but it's got teleportation powers.

Lillie's mom invites everyone to her private isl&, but her assistant Fabố is being creepy towards Cosmog, & Team Rocket has infiltrated the staff!

When Ash starts thinking about Lillie's brother Gladion during Pokétháng bathtime, Cosmog teleports them lớn Gladion's location: a valley full of Pinsirs!

Lillie argues with her mother over recording her activities, casting a shadow over the group sleepover at Ash's house with Professor Burnet.

Following the incident in the cave, Lillie regresses and can't touch Pokémon again. Gladion initially blames Ash, but then starts to suspect Facha.

Undeterred, Facha hatches a plan khổng lồ kidnap Cosmog & use it to lớn open a wormhole lớn Ultra Space. Lillie, Ash và the crew are hot on his heels!

While Ash worries about Cosmoem, Lillie and Gladion decide to lớn rescue their mother. To get khổng lồ Ultra Space, they must find the Guardians on Poni Islvà.

Ash & his friends commune with the Islvà Guardians, who brought Cosmog lớn hyên ổn. Professor Kukui heads lớn Poni Island to help Professor Burnet.

After arriving in Ultra Space using Solgaleo's power, Lillie & the gang find Lusamine, but she's merged with the Nihilego that kidnapped her!

Lusamine's possessed Pokémon fight desperately. While Ash, Pikachu và Solgaleo attempt to pin her down, Lillie confronts Lusamine in person.

After everyone arrives baông chồng at the Pokétháng School, Solgaleo vanishes, causing Ash lớn mope. Professors Kukui and Burnet have an important announcement.

The Pokémon School's Komala drops into lớn a lesson on Pokétháng battling. After a Jigglypuff appears, it picks a fight with Komala.

When Ash và the professors leave Rotom in charge of the house, it accidentally switches places with the Rotom in a new washing machine!

James' Mareanie spoils his attempts to lớn catch a Frillish and capture a Toxapex with whom he has a tortured past.

Lana's little sisters return from a walk in the forest with an unusual berry, which Mallow recognizes from when she và Lana were young.

The class takes a trip khổng lồ Ula'ula Isl& lớn learn about Alolan ice-type Pokétháng along with Kahuna Hala, where they're introduced lớn Poké-sledding.

A wormhole from Ultra Space opens on Melemele Island, và the Ultra Guardians receive their first assignment: stop Buzzwole's rampage!

Team Rocket mistakes an Alolan Meowth for their Meowth. The new Meowth goes back lớn their base & seems khổng lồ be planning to take over Meowth's life.

Ash & Litten watch Masked Royal's lademo Battle Royale on TV, then decide to lớn accept his open challenge, along with their friends.

Pokémon School's star alum Ilima comes bachồng for a visit with his Eevee, and Ash tries Poxịt Diving. But Team Skull interrupts his match with Ilima!

The class tries Poké Ping-Pong after a lecture from Ilima, then attends his tournament. Ilima is looking for a rematch, và Team Rocket has plans too.

The Poipole returns, and only Pikachu spots it! While Ash và his friends tìm kiếm for Pikachu, Team Rocket start hunting for Poipole to lớn kidnap it.

A battle with Team Skull nearly makes Ash late for work experience day. The class takes over running the Pokémon Center for Nurse Joy, who has a cold.

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Sophocles finds a buried rocket ship while out camping in a bamboo forest. He assume it's from a fairy tale, but it may be an Ultra Beast!

Resort executive sầu Bourgain offers lớn buy Kiawe's family farm, & he won't take no for an answer. To over his sabotage, Kiawe & Marowak challenge him.

After a group of Dewpider are forced out of their trang chủ, one of them gets separated from the rest. When it meets Lamãng cầu, it develops a crush on her!

Mallow's big brother Ulu and his Lickitung return from their journey just in time for the Alola Bread Festival, and they decide to lớn enter it together!

Giovanni tells Team Rocket khổng lồ head to lớn Ula'ula Isl& to see the Isl& King about a Z-ring. There they meet a legendary troublemaker named Gengar.

Prof. Kukui tells the class a Pokétháng League may size in Alola and Ash heads to lớn Ula'ula Island for Islvà Trials with Nanu, Giovanni's old friend.

After their defeat by Nanu, Ash and Lycanroc want khổng lồ grow stronger. Acerola suggests seeking out the Island Guardian, Tapu Bulu.

Now that Team Rocket have a Z-Move, they want lớn capture Pikachu. Nanu sends them khổng lồ battle Ash at an abandoned supermarket, with Acerola as judge.

Ash and Lycanroc face off against Nanu and his Dark Pokétháng for a rematch in the Islvà Grvà Trial! But Nanu fights with more than just Pokétháng.

After a presumed Ultra Beast takes the stage at a fireworks festival, the Ultra Guardians are summoned lớn capture it. Then another one appears.

The class travels khổng lồ the Hokulani Observatory, run by Sophocles' cousin Molayne, to see a Minior Poké-shower, và Poipole makes friends with one.

A short cut through a cave sầu system turns complicated: Ash and Kiawe get separated from the group & Lillie finds herself challenging a Tyranitar!

When Ash sees the Revengers about khổng lồ cheat in a Battle Royal, he và Torracat jump into the ring to lớn fight alongside Masked Royal as the Double Royals.

Professor Kukui assigns the class Pokétháng nhảy. As students and Pokétháng practice their moves, Team Rocket plots to steal a backup dance crew.

Facha returns, showing off his lathử nghiệm invention: an incredible shrinking machine. But when it goes haywire, Ash, Sophocles and Lillie get shrunk!

Ash và Poipole meet artist Mimãng cầu and her empathic Ribombee. Poipole begins expressing itself through painting, but then its feelings take a dark turn.

After practicing vaulting in gym class, the students mistake Ultra Beast Stakataka for a vault box. The Guardians pursue it lớn Viren's building site!

The Ultra Guardians and their Ride Pokétháng travel to the Pokémon Paradise Resort for some relaxation. But Team Rocket are already on-site with a plan.

On the eve sầu of a solar eclipse, the adults are strangely exhausted. The Ultra Guardians mix out khổng lồ disperse the clouds to access a giant wormhole.

With a mysterious attacker draining the Alola's region's Ultra Aura, the Guardians fight it off with Solgaleo's help.

The Guardians find Poipole's original trang chính and learn from Ultra Beast Naganadel that Necrozma, who they know as UB Blachồng, was once the Blinding One.

At the height of the eclipse, isl& kahunas, humans & Pokémon alượt thích lend their energy to lớn Necrozma. Working together, they turn baông chồng the darkness!

Ash, Kiawe & Mimo visit Pikachu Valley và meet Pika-expert Pikala. Everyone learns a lot about Pikachu và Ash's Pikachu makes lots of new friends.

Kukui gets roped into lớn taking Burnet & Ash to a Masked Royal meetup at the mall. To keep his secret safe, Kukui asks for Molayne’s help.

Ash has completed three of his four Grand Trials, but there's still plenty for hyên ổn & the Ultra Guardians to vì with their friends in Alola!

Ash and his friends perform in the Pokémon School’s play, which takes an unexpected turn as an intruder overtakes the stage. Can they save the play?

The Pokétháng School becomes a haunted house! While Harper và Sarah are excited khổng lồ see the Ghost-type Pokétháng, something mysterious suddenly happens.

The Ultra Guardians are on a mission to lớn find out what’s causing the strange magnetic force around Wela Volcano. But watch out for the enraged Golem!

Ash’s visit to Aether Paradise ends up as a tìm kiếm for Stufful. Someone has lớn find it before a stranger lays a hvà on the adorable-looking Pokémon!

Ash và Rowlet are challenged to a battle by a frikết thúc they meet in the forest. After being so easily defeated, they're determined to lớn win the rematch.

Rotom is offered a role in a popular TV series, but the shooting will take place overseas. While Ash is happy for Rotom, he is sad khổng lồ say goodbye.

Desperate for friends, a lonely Eevee sets out on an adventure to lớn Alola, but the journey isn't easy. Will Eevee get there safely & find a new home?

Ash & Pikachu challenge Tapu Koko to lớn a battle và suddenly kết thúc up elsewhere. Where are they and how bởi vì they get home? And what's this huge Pokémon?

The Pokétháng School is in destruction, completely ruined! It's up lớn Ash and Pikachu to lớn make things right or they'll never see their friends again.

Ash và friends are excited by Broông chồng và Misty's surprise visit & decide lớn go to Treasure Island for some fun. But it looks like they have sầu company.

Love is in the air! Broông chồng suggests a trip lớn Akala Islvà, hoping to see his crush, Olivia, and win her heart. But first, he must pass Olivia's kiểm tra.

For their retìm kiếm projects, Ash and his classmates visit Poni Island, where Ash is accused of stealing Poni Radishes. Can Ash prove his innocence?

Ash wants to lớn face Tapu Fini for the Grvà Trial and challenges Hapu to a battle, but she only says no. If she's not up for it, maybe someone else is?

In hopes of evolving his Charjabug, Sophocles goes to Vast Poni Canyon, only to have an unexpected encounter with his rivals and enter into lớn a battle.

Ash and Kiawe challenge each other when a mysterious old man appears before them. Kiawe must complete his quest in time or Ash's life is in danger.

Ash và friends are helping Hapu on the farm when strange mist suddenly starts to khung around them. Could this be the mist they've sầu been talking about?

Upon becoming the kahuna of Poni Island, Hapu accepts Ash's challenge to the Grand Trial. Which Pokémon will he choose? Will he earn a new Z-Crystal?

A famous Pokétháng golfer, who is dismayed by her recent performance, arrives at Alola và ends up giving Ash and friends an unforgettable golf lesson.

Ash and his friends realize they had brought with them uninvited guests from Poni Isl&. These amazing creatures are lượt thích nothing ever seen before!

Professor Oak confirms the mysterious Pokémon's identity! But even before the class has time to lớn get khổng lồ know them, one of them is already in trouble.

Ash and his friends are given a chance khổng lồ watch a film shoot, where they get to lớn meet an adorable Magikarp named Karpy. But something seems strange.

Oh no! An Ultra Beast has stolen Hala's Z-Crystal! The Ultra Guardians must stop this Ultra Beast named Pheromosa before more Z-Crystals go missing.

At last, everyone is excited at the announcement of the Alola Pokémon League except for one person, who's determined to lớn bring down the Pokétháng League.

Lillie and Gladion search their father’s old room for any clues to lớn his whereabouts, & Lillie finds his Z-Ring and Magearmãng cầu, an inactive sầu Pokémon.

Ash và his friends are having a great time at Malie City when Shaymin, Sandy, và Melrã go missing. But wait, is that Team Rocket after the Pokémon?

It’s a battle day with the ninjas at Malie City's Gym. Only the finadanh mục gets to lớn battle with the chief on the top floor for the Kantonian Gym badge.

Sophocles enters a Vikavolt Race to earn a Buginium Z, but it won't be an easy competition. Will he be able lớn stay svào and earn the first prize?

The Legendary Pokémon Kyogre has been poisoned, and evil Pokémon hunters are after it. Ash & his friends need to save Kyogre before it’s too late!

Mallow visits Oranguru's cafe lớn get some Big Mushrooms, và ends up cooking a unique dish for an unexpected customer, which earns her a special gift.

Team Rocket’s headquarters wants Bewear, but the truth is, Team Rocket hasn’t caught it. So they come up with a plan of their own khổng lồ cover up the lie.

Everyone is training hard for the Alola Pokétháng League & Sophocles has trouble mastering his Z-Move. Frustrated và upphối, he just wants khổng lồ give sầu up.

There have sầu been mysterious things happening all over Melemele Isl& lately, and the Ultra Guardians are on the case. But here comes a bigger problem!

While training for the Alola Pokémon League, a Celebi sends Ash và his Pokémon to the past, where they meet a young boy for some unforgettable fun.

Ash và Torracát return from the past & reunite with other Pokétháng, only khổng lồ find them all covered in dirt! What happened while the two were gone?

Lillie introduces her friends khổng lồ a companion who is frozen in time, while Gladion is on a quest to traông chồng down a long-lost Pokétháng.

Ash and his friends eagerly arrive at Manalo Stadium. But when Team Skull causes a ruckus outside, a fight breaks out before the games even begin.

The countdown's in motion as over a hundred Pokétháng trainers battle to lớn become the final 16 standing. Dust, fire và lightning fill the air!

The stadium heats up as the Top 16 face one another: Ash vs. Facha, Ilima vs. Guzma, Hau vs. Principal Oak and Mallow vs. Lana!

Jessie và James face off, still undercover và in agreement to perkhung half-heartedly. But as the fight drags on, one of them changes their mind.

Ash lets Rowlet compete in the next match, but they may not be able lớn win unless Rowlet masters a new skill in a very short time.

It's a cthua thảm hotline between Ash và Hau as their Pokémon soar & light up the sky. Rowlet and Decidueye battle it out in the air!

Some rivals bring out the best in each other, while others trigger the worst. With a spot in the semifinals at stake, Guzma fights dirty.

Kiawe's sister Mimo arrives on the island to cheer hlặng on, but she runs into lớn Team Skull before she reaches the stadium. Luckily, a anh hùng appears!

The semifinal round begins with Gladion và Silvally facing Kiawe và Turtonator. Then Ash & Torracat square off against Guzma and Scizor.

With his winning streak at stake, Guzma is tormented by fear. But for the first time in a while, he chooses khổng lồ stay in the fight until the very over.

Professor Oak và Delia arrive the night before the final match. A group of wild Melrã also come to visit, and with their help, Meltan evolves!

As the final match continues, Ash và Pikachu battle against Gladion and Zoroark, with both sides using their Z-moves. There can only be one winner!

As the tournament ends, an Ultra Wormhole opens up, releasing a Guzzlord. When more Ultra Beasts arrive sầu, it's all hands on dechồng lớn save the islands.

Ash, Alola's first-ever champion, steps into the stadium lớn battle the legendary Masked Royal, Professor Kukui, in a full six on six match.

The match between Ash & Prof. Kukui continues, with Ash và his friends giving it their all against Kukui's age and experience.

Only three Pokétháng remain on each side, và the battle gets even more fiery as it gets down lớn the wire and both Ash and Kukui deploy their Z-moves.

In an unexpected twist, Tapu Koko enters the ring as Kukui's final Pokémon against Ash & Naganadel, sparking the ultimate Z-move sầu battle.

With a few days left until vacation, Ash và Kiawe duke it out for the first time. Lillie’s attempt lớn awaken Magearmãng cầu stirs up memories of her past.

Led by Magearna's vision, Lillie và Gladion phối off on a journey to lớn find their father. Meanwhile, Ash also has plans to lớn depart on his own.

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