Taxi perhaps is the choice of many travelers khổng lồ Ho Chi Minc City thanks to numerous advantages including safety, reasonable fare, comfort, và being fast. However, getting around the city by xe taxi has some advantages including popular scams lượt thích in other provinces of Vietphái mạnh & countries in the world. In this Ho Chi Minc Taxi Guide, I would like khổng lồ give you some useful tips to overcome the disadvantages of taxi and avoid being tricked by taxi drivers in the đô thị. I hope this guide make your trip lớn this thành phố enjoyable and non-problematic.

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Table of Contents

Pros và cons of xe taxi in Ho Chi Minh:Tips for overcoming the disadvantages of xe taxi & avoid taxi scams in Saigon:

Pros & cons of xe taxi in Ho Chi Minh:

Advantages of getting around Ho Chi Minch by taxi:

One of the faskiểm tra ways khổng lồ get around the city;Safety in Ho Chi Minch City where crazy traffic, pickpocket, & snatch theft are popular;It is comfortable with air-conditioner and passengers can stay away from the sun và rain.

Disadvantages of getting around Ho Chi Minh by taxi:

Non-English speaking or impolite xe taxi drivers;You may encounter taxi scams: fake taxis, non-reliable taximeter, deliberately making the trip longer for more money;It is not very effective lượt thích a motorbike in rush hours.

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Tips for overcoming the disadvantages of taxi and avoid taxi scams in Saigon:

1. Which xe taxi brands are good in Ho Chi Minh?

The first tip is that you should choose trusted xe taxi brands providing good services with reliable taximeters, high-chất lượng cars, svào network, & well-trained drivers. The followings are top 8 taxis in Ho Chi Minh:





Saigon Air Taxi; Phone: 028.38118118; Fares: 4-seat car: 17.000 VND, 7-seat car: 18.500 VND; Taxi fares from 31st kilometer: 4-seat car: 13.000 VND, 7-seat car: 15.500 VND.




Taxi Hoang Long; Phone: 028.38686868; Fares: 4-seat car: 15.200 VND, 7-seat car: 16.000 VND; Taxi fares from 31st kilometer: 4-seat car: 11.700 VND, 7-seat car: 12.200 VND.


Vinasun Taxi & Mai Linh are 2 most popular và highly recommended taxis in Saigon thanks to a large number of cabs, good cars, well-trained drivers, and reliable taximeters.

2. You speak limited Vietnamese, how to lớn catch a taxi và tell the driver the destination?

If you depart from the khách sạn, it is easier. You can ask the receptionist khổng lồ help you to Điện thoại tư vấn the taxi và giảm giá khuyến mãi with the fare. Around many tourist attractions, hotels, shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh, there are many taxis park in queues and wait for their customers so that you can easily catch và hop on a taxi. If you vị not find a taxi parking around you, you must st& on the pavement & wave sầu a xe taxi from far away. The xe taxi will piông xã you up if it is available. It is called “hailing a taxi”. Do not forget lớn choose good taxis lớn avoid scams. Have business cards or have the address written down in Vietnamese because xe taxi drivers speak limited English.

3. How to avoid giả taxis?

You should pay attention to the logos, & names because kém chất lượng taxis have sầu logos và names looking like the original; Original taxis are clean & washed, information including biệu tượng công ty, name, phone number, vehicle registration, xe taxi serial number clearly printed on two sides of the cabs. Vinasun and Mai Linh use Toyota 7-seat & 4-seat cars, sometimes Hyundẻo Grand I10 cars. Taxi drivers of original taxis are in unisize. When you get in the cab, you should see a taximeter, driver’s portrait và his name, taxi identification number, license plate number, map, GPS, & credit card payment system.

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Original Mai Linch Taxi


Original Vinasun Taxi


Vinasun Taxi drivers are in uniforms


Ho Chi Minh polices caught giả taxis





4. How khổng lồ avoid taxi fare scams?

Cheông chồng the taximeter, it should start at zero when the xe taxi journey starts. Some drivers set the taximeter to lớn start at 5 km và 75,000 VND.

cảnh báo that the currency on taximeters in Ho Chi Minh is in VND. Sometimes, the driver shows you the amount on the taximeter and ask you to lớn pay in USD. For example, the taximeter shows 150,000 VND, but the driver ask you khổng lồ pay 15 USD (approximately 350,000 VND).

The driver may take you a circuitous ride around the đô thị in order lớn increase the distance driven in order khổng lồ get more money from you legally without any taximeter trichồng. Use Google Map lớn search the distance between the point of departure và the destination, then count the approximate xe taxi fare for the taxi ride. Continue using Google Maps. to lớn kiểm tra if the xe taxi driver takes the right route when you are on the way. It is better khổng lồ tell the driver the route khổng lồ take. Certainly, you must get 3G/4G mạng internet access on your điện thoại thông minh or tablet.


Tracy’s driver và guide will drive sầu you khổng lồ any place safely in Vietnam giới by sedan, minivan, van, or bus as your request.

5. Prepare VND cash including small cash

Prepare VND cash including small cash because the changes are not always available on taxis.

6. Book your ride on Grab which is similar khổng lồ Uber

If you are familiar with using Uber in other countries, you can use Grab to book a drive at a reasonable fare, about 10,000 VND/km. Sometimes promotions are valid & the fares are very cheap. Why vị we use Grab but Uber? The answer is that Uber is not available in Southeast Asia including Vietphái mạnh. Using Grab, you can traông chồng the location of the oto arranged for you, have the phone number of the driver, car identification number, và the exact fare. 3G or Wifi are required to use Grab.


7. What khổng lồ bởi if you forget valuable items on the cab in Ho Chi Minh?

It has been said that some of the xe taxi drivers in Vietnam giới bởi not want to lớn give baông xã the belongings such as bag, wallet, phone, camera forgotten by that passengers in the cabs. So that it is better khổng lồ write or take a photo of the taxi identification number or the full name of the xe taxi driver after you enter the cab. Customer service departments of well-known taxi brands can help khổng lồ get baông chồng the belongings if you call them. Because you bởi vì not speak Vietnamese, tell your khách sạn receptionist or a local frikết thúc, local tour guide lớn điện thoại tư vấn the customer service.

8. Do not hop on a taxi in rush hours

Do not hop on a xe taxi in rush hours (about 7 – 9 AM and 5 – 7 PM) if you vị not want lớn be stuchồng in the crowd of buses, taxis, cars, trucks, and motorbikes. In case you must go out during rush hours, you can choose motorxe đạp taxis or walking on the pavements.

9. Some popular Vietnamese phrases on taxis

Xin chào: Hello

Rẽ phải: Turn right

Rẽ trái: Turn left

Đi thẳng: Go straight

Quay lại: Go back

Bao nhiêu: How much

Cảm ơn: Thank you

Tạm biệt: Bye

10. How khổng lồ catch a xe taxi at Tan Son Nhat Airport?

Dozens of taxis are available at the airport so that you should wait in taxi lanes lớn catch a cab. Take care of your belongings because it may be crowded in the lanes. There is a board on which you can see the xe taxi fares of different taxi brands.