The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off today in Russia, with the host nation taking on Saudi Arabia to launch a month of the world’s top teams (sorry Italy) playing the world’s most popular sport in the world’s most-watched sporting event, with & estimated 3.4 billion expected to lớn tune in worldwide. Coverage will be more widespread than ever thanks lớn live-streams và apps, and platforms from Fox and Telemundo’s exclusive sầu broadcasts in the U.S. to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube và more everywhere.

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Here’s an exhaustive sầu rundown of how to catch all the action:


Courtesy Twitter

In addition to lớn Fox’s và Telemundo’s handles, FIFA’s official feed is
FIFAWorldCup, offering access khổng lồ match coverage, behind-the-scenes Clip & photos and access to players in seven languages (i.e.,
fifaworldcup_fr). Players also are active sầu on the platkhung, like Portugal’s Cristiano Ronalvị (
Cristiano), Brazil’s Neymar (
neymarjr) và Colombia’s James Rodríguez (
jamesdrodriguez). Game-specific hashtags will also make things easy to & follow (see chart at right).


The video clip platform’sYouTube TV will offerall games live in U.S. markets in English & Spanish through Fox, Telemunbởi vì and NBC Universo, & the YouTube TV cloud DVR feature is available to lớn record matches. Globally, there will be Clip highlights from official FIFA broadcasters in more than 80 countries including the Đài truyền hình BBC in the UK, ARD Sportschau in Germany, NHK in Japan, Kwese in Nigeria và across Africa, Televisa in Mexico, and Latina Televisión in Peru.

The official FIFA channel will mô tả nội dung from around the tournament and keep users up-to-date with the lathử nghiệm news.


The platkhung will make it easy for fans lớn interact using Instagram Stories, with features including Polls (for pre-match predictions), easy access khổng lồ business profiles khổng lồ purchase team products, an Emoji Slider và GIFs. To interact directly during games, there is Go LIVE Live video clip & Instagram Direct. Suggestions to lớn follow during the tournament:


No live sầu matches, but the world’s biggest social media site is utilizing its Facebook Messenger chat service, adding World Cup filters.


The service is offering a free 7-day trial of Hulu with Live sầu TV via Fox, FS1 và Telemunbởi vì, with content including full sự kiện replays, recaps & highlights available at the World Cup hub (Fox Sports’ Phenoms docuseries will be made available to all subscribers). Viewers can tìm kiếm for their favorite team and add them to “My Stuff” lớn ensure those games are recorded. For the semifinals & final, Hulu will offer a multi-stream experience (five sầu live sầu bonus feeds) for Hulu with Live sầu TV subs.

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Yes, you can ask Siri about World Cup scores, schedules, standings và team rosters. Brazil, Russia, Denmark, Finl&, Malaysia, Turkey, Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel have been to the menu of 26 countries that already tư vấn Siri sports. Apple News will also feature up-to-date scores và schedules, a knockout bracket, and profiles from Eight by Eight magazine.

The App Store will be featuring soccer-related apps from Fox Now & BBC Thể Thao khổng lồ games including FIFA di động & PES 2018. Via the Apple TV App, along with the broadcast options teams & matches can be followed on Up Next, và subscribers will have sầu the ability to lớn receive sầu notifications on their Apple devices when their team is playing or a game is cthất bại.

Another cool feature: Apple Music will offer playlists for each of the 32 countries, good for pregame soundtracking khổng lồ amp you up for kickoff, & postgame to lớn celebrate (or wallow).


A first in World Cup history, the satellite provider is offering all 64 games live sầu on Fox and FS1 in 4K High Dynamic Range — with 10-bit color depth and at 60 frames per second — for its 4K subs. Those feeds are available on channels 105 and 106. From June 14-17, DirecTV is offering a không tính tiền pđánh giá of FS1 (và its six games in that stretch) regardless of a user’s current package, with access including a red button on the remote leading khổng lồ interactive sầu features like Experience và Knockout Rounds.

Subscribers in most U.S. markets can access live sầu streams of every match on Fox and FS1 via the DirecTV App, & all DirecTV & DirecTV Now subscribers can authenticate at and Fox Sports App for access to lớn matches, VOD replays, bonus feeds và highlights.


Sling TV is offering the tournament for the first time. Subscribers to lớn “Sling Blue” ($25 per month), can watch live sầu matches on Fox Sports 1, plus live sầu matches available on Fox in select markets and bonus content. (In non-Fox markets, you can watch via an OTA antenna.) A ribbon on “My TV” will allow easy access to lớn content, including Fox’s suite of World Cup extras. Subs can also record via Cloud DVR ($5 per month), The service also offers access via its “Best of Spanish TV” ($10 per month) that includes all eight matches on NBC Universo, và International packages (Arabic,French, Polish & Portuguese, throwing in a free Roku with subscription). Afree preview of FS1 from June 14-17 will be available.